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Confira a Letra How Times Have Changed


How Times Have Changed

We still live by ancient folklore
Still to this day the scriptures run our lives
Striking fear into the hearts of innocence and purity
A story told a million times and we continue to prove it a lie
But it's still justified, all you have to is give up the fight

Surrender everything and give it all away
(Give it all away)
I have your ticket to the land of which I speak
I have no evidence to prove that I am right
(Just come with me)
What other choice do you have, but to agree
Your words mean nothing here, only what I say
I could be wrong or right, it's your choice to make
I suggest you stay

If you want a war you'll get it
When I'm wanting more, I'll steal it
Send me all your love, I'll kill it
I see through your wicked eyes
If you want a war, you'll get it
When I'm wanting more, I'll steal it
Send me all your love
I will leave you paralyzed

Out of sight and out of mind
Look back now how times have changed
Keep me in fear and lead me blind
Thousands of years were still the same

Believe every word
Trust every stranger
Give your life away

This ancient book proves
In this world, everyone is fake