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Confira a Letra Let Me Burn


Let Me Burn

The mouth of hell is open wide tonight

You can't reason with a man who hates everything
I want to see everyone in pain
I can't change how the way things turned out
All I have now is regret, a match and some gasoline
I had it all; the woman of my dreams, all the money in the world
And the sweetest little girl
The perfect life, the american dream
All wasted by insanity

Why do I do the things I do
Why am I evil through and through
What would you do
If you had nothing left to lose

Spark the flame, let me burn
There's nothing left to live for
I've lost everything so spark the flame and let me burn
Take my hand one last time
I need to feel you before I die
This is our last goodbye
Now spark the flame and let me burn

I won't lie about what I did
I cut her head off and threw it in a ditch
Why I only kept the body was a logical choice
I threw away the head because I hated the sound of her voice

I am the devil's answer
I am humanity's cancer
I am the devil's answer
Burn me for eternity

Let me burn
I've lost everything
There's nothing left to live for