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Confira a Letra Make It Bleed


Make It Bleed

We've been somatically defiled, exiled, and now this new era has come to an end
I forever crave the things that will never be changed
I would rather take my own life than wait until the day
They see everyone, everything
Promising eternal fortune for the price of your life
We ignite the fire for the highest degree of hell
You bought it with your brain, now you'll forever burn
Now normality cease to be
Hopefully you can withstand the though of being dead

This life; I have never seen such disgust for power and lust
This life; it's a tragedy, someone get me out, someone please help tonight
I have realized this is my last night to be alive
This mind; it begins to see, it begins to breathe, make it bleed

Make it bleed

When it all falls apart, I'll be the one that's standing over your corpse
With my foot on your face embracing the darkness of your days