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Confira a Letra The Gutter


The Gutter

Nothing particular we want
We just get by with what we got
And we never have very much

We find it hard to get upset
It's so much easier to forget
There's more than one way to get over it
Another day, another drink
We sit here, learning not to think
And we will never be very much

Well, life is short, so why pretend?
We'll never see this day again
So we choose, we chose another way

We choose


It's unimportant if we shine
It doesn't matter if we die
Cause it will all just disappear

Another word, a clever line
It all just disappears in time
We could do anything, anywhere

Another day, another deal
We sit here learning not to feel
So we never feel very much

Well life is short, so why pretend
We'll never see this day again
So we choose, we chose the other way

We choose