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Confira a Letra Mathilda

Why Not Me


Dear mathilda you should have known, i wrote you a letter long time ago
Now its tearing you up inside, you are in too deep this you can not deny
Reasons for silent treatment is gone, i know its hard but you have to carry on
You have taken your time destroying yourself, never needed anybodys help

Dear mathilda looking good, down in the mud, missunderstood
Dear mathilda all fucked up, it was all so fun but never enough

Dear mathilda it might not be too late, evendough life dont seem too great
Listening to me might bring a little hope, pull your head away from the rope
Your addiction much like the tide, when all tied up useless to hide
Give me some i will give you all, save you from the unavoidable fall

Dear mathilda cares a lot, but too much cocain, too much pot
Dear mathilda all fucked up, a little reefers allright but then you should top