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Confira a Letra An Atlas To Follow

Wild Sweet Orange

An Atlas To Follow

Go back, baby, the way you came.
I made a trail to mark the way.
Drops of wine and crumbs of flesh,
Hurry back, child, before you're dead.

I can't pretend now that you're alive.
I know I'm dancing with the dead tonight.
Heaving bodies in the front yard lights,
They're easing off the glory of the truth denied.

This little light of mine,
Shine bright and blind the reaper's eyes.
Hear you stomping on the tops of pines.
We rest as death lays on his knife.

The moon ain't pulling at the waves tonight,
It's dragging me around just like it drug the tide.
Oh, these great hands that pull my life,
They drug me outside of y'all's house last night
Where I said,

"Pack it up boys. Gather all your stuff.
In this old money town, it's easy to get stuck."
I left the flashlights by the road
and an atlas to follow.