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Confira a Letra Already Loved


Already Loved

Oh my, I remember what I did that day
Save a moment up sometime, you can pull it out
Unholy daylight
I can see her, but my eyes are shut
Things about you come and go
Now they're starting to prompt me

Fuck it if you say I ain’t ever been there
I already know that I loved

Downtown there’s a sticker and he’s stuck on you
You’re everything I smelled before
Maybe in a year or something
Two days is a long time to be running clean
I don't think I understood that I'd meet somebody

I don't mean to call
I don't mean to doubt you
I don't mean to leave
I don't mean to love
How can you stay then refuse to hold me?
All that I can say is, I don't know
Now he’s coming home
Maybe he should fight me
Darling, you should know that I don't care
If everything they say about me’s true
I'd do it again

I can finally see I will never hold you
That’s ok, I already loved
I already loved
I loved you

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