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Confira a Letra Do not Know Who I Am

Wine Roses Democracy

Do not Know Who I Am

I do not know who i am, i have that soul.
When i speak honestly do not know that i speak sincerely.
I am variously other than one i do not know if there is (if these others) ...
I do not have beliefs.
Enlevam urges me to repudiate.
My perpetual perpetually watching over me i tip
Betrayal of the soul to a character that maybe i did not,
Or she thinks i have.
I am multiple.
I'm like a room with many mirrors fantastic
That twist to false reflections
Previous one reality that is not in any and is in all.
As the pantheist feels tree (?) and to the flower,
I feel many beings.
I am living the lives of others in me halfway,
As if my being partake of all men,
Each incompletely (?)
By a sum of non-selves i synthesized a fake. "