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Confira a Letra The Last Words

Wings Of Fury

The Last Words

It was wintertime,
When all was dark, cold and ice.
There was a heart,
Fighting for light, comfort and warmth.
But as time passed by,
The heart had to fight even more.
It was blown out,
By a disease that no one could have stopped.

You had warned me,
Not to trust that person within
"It's not the same
For I would never do you any harm"
The Soul of Hearts left its place
Infected by a freezing death
It came to me,
In search of my soul to go down.

In the past there was
A night in which a dream came to me
Warning for this hell
That's where I now will be

When the night was gone,
I knew that this would not come true
But I was wrong,
When I saw that....

At the end of your life there was that sign.
Saying those last words cursing me.

I had never thought that I
Would confront myself in you.
But I always will be sad,
Cause what I've seen is my life destroyed.

Darkness had come,
But I saw that green light.
And I knew the mirror would show
A person that had only lived in an evil world.
Who I saw was me,
Just alone in my misery.
I never knew,
That I had done you so many harm.

So my soul broke down
Forever staying mute and silent
It had lost its fight
The Struggle of my Guilt.

I don't blame myself
For something that you should have said me
I am cursed inside
Cause I still feel that…

ill feel