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Confira a Letra As Tradition Dies Slowly

Winston & George

As Tradition Dies Slowly

I celebrate the possibilities
A chance to live truly free
Free from patriarchy and sexist ideology
Attempted to have been passed on to me

We used to be content
We used to think we had everything
We lived each day in fear of change
As time moved on
Others came along
Thus the creation of a tolerant society
As tradition dies slowly
I continue to move on
As tradition dies slowly
It still takes to long

As it dies it's not soon enough for me

Inherited thoughts plagued our own creation
Religions laws set us apart
Callous eyes to those in need
You know they've suffered long enough

We used to be content
With those we chose to represent us
We used to think they were our only choice
And as time moved on
Others came along
Now we create our own voice