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Confira a Letra 20 Strong

With Honor

20 Strong

So it's been weeks and I can't help but stop and think
These rooms seem cold without you
Memories turned salty cheeks
I still feel the flames you held beneath my feet
Life may ever be so good again
I've been staring at these pictures so long
I swear they're talking back
Today is for the living
These songs we're singing are more than moving on
They're the only ways we're making sense of a world
That's small enough to shake
But it's still strong enough to break us down

I've tried to capture it and never found a way
'Cause wrapping words around a love that made
Palaces of parking lots and art of ugly hearts
Isn't easy
What we gave, what we had
Some may never understand how twenty kids
In three vans won't ever be the same again
What we gave, what we had
Six weeks in the clouds and I'm still not ready
Not ready to come down