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Confira a Letra What We Are Dying For


What We Are Dying For

The fields lined with pawns are prepped for harvest
Chaotic meadow of windblown waste spoils the order of the day
You can taste the scent of ether on the horizon
As the sun sets on what could be their final day

Struggling on with the wolf at the door it’s the life we were born to it’s
All we are fighting for
Taking the high ground charge through and make way there will be no depriving us it’s
All we are fighting for, all we are dying for

We charge through clouds of smoke headed for the tower
Still lines form across the steaming field of decay
Unopposed we make our way through the gates and enter
As the hard gravel path gives way to more forgiving clay

Wandering the streets, through the city such a lonely place
We suffer on all alone so many faces around us
Is this what we are all in for?
This is what you are all in for

Now we take the crown of thorns from the throne of the oppressors
Not a trace of remorse in my mind as the body hits the ground

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