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Confira a Letra So Far Gone

Witnees (uk)

So Far Gone

Unfortunate wasn't it
Could've been late
Could've taken a chance
Wrong step no dance
Big deal I don't dance
Should've let it be with the memories
Really could have been better company
You get some don't you
With their dirty hands fuck up your records
Living here doing what I do
Let me tell you it bores me to sleep
Somebody stole my credentials
All they left me was a hangover
You know we're only so far gone
I'm happy to go anywhere
Just as long as I'm moving
The colours will be bright in your mind the way that I will describe
It would be as though you wish them
So kick the dust from your heels
Before you enter my place
There must be no outside influences in here
I advise my memory well
And I cant forget any detail
So don't go thinking no-one believes you
We don't weather well in the modern sun
And we'll burn in hell like everyone
But until then I'm at your beck and call
And my memory is selective
And I have an obese mind
And I can rival any exaggeration