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Confira a Letra Sun in the Night

Wizards' Hymn

Sun in the Night

Silent Wind through in the back
How long must I hover on the
Someone's controlling so dark, cold maze

If I can see the blighting sun
Then only go on the masters leading
But no one catch a thin, long thread

We all long masters vermeil glow
To thrust the dark the edge of World

Chaos rules the sinking land
But no one can bet to do stand so
You'll be the brink losing luck and pluck

For the brothers in this maze
I will be the light tonight

*(I can fly so high) so far away looking down the bay
Light up torch and show the way
They say (Forever and ever)
it won't go out till the curtain falls
Everyone can't crush out my heart
The Sun In The Night

* 3times repeat

Sun will rise tonight!!

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