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Confira a Letra Reflections



Nothing Lasts Forever - You Know That's For Sure
You Carry Your Own Cross Through The Days
An Empty Space You'll Find - In Every Soul You Reach
Nothing But A Memory Exists
So Dark And Cold, A Feeling So Lost
Please I Need To See The Other Part Of Me

CHORUS: No Sign Of A Better Day
Locked In A Cage That's Called Inner Self
No Trust, No Other Way
Reflections Of Depression On A Lake Of Tears

Eyes Fallen On You - Expecting So Much From You
Nobody Cares What You Really Want
You Have So Much To Give - But Nothing To Take
There's Really No Hope For Humanity At All

(But) There Is No One You Can Trust
The Only Way Is To Be Locked In Our Selves

Can't You See? We're Reaching The End
The Bells Of Despair Are Calling
There's No Salvation For Our Crimes
We Are Ready To Fall In An Everlasting Pain