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Confira a Letra Storming the Fortress of God

Wolves Guard My Coffin

Storming the Fortress of God

We approach pearlescent gates
where the christian tyrant waits
We, who have for centuries been scorned
cry for bloodshed, more, more...

Kill the god in the sky
Angels weep as they die

All attempts to stand in our way
will feel the wrath of our unholy crusade
we are crushing ywh's throne
as the werewolves feast on his bones

Storming, storming the fortress of god

We stand for justice, we stand for hate,
and no longer will we wait
under the flag emerald and black
we raise our hammers and then attack

The first to fall, the sycophant
remove his head, silence his rants
from there we move to eat the souls
they cry in pain, devoured whole

Judge me, o god, as I claw at your eyes
Preach to me now as I tear out your throat