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Confira a Letra Dwarf King Rievezåhl


Dwarf King Rievezåhl

He rules the realm inside the mountains,
Keeps their treasures, yet unseen
Lord of forces beneath the earth,
He is dwarf king riewezåhl

He loves the plant, he loves the beast
He gives them everything they need
Only humans he dislikes,
When they don't respect his precious dears

When one climbs up the giant mountains
To steal one of his mighty herbs
He'd throw him in a sudden abbys,
Huge giant riewezåhl

But if a poor mistreaten child
Does not forget to love the nature
He'd free it from all torment,
He's good mountain spirit riewezåhl

I'm the one to rule alone
- my subterrestrian realm of dwarfs
My little men are working hard to keep the big
- earth mothers heart on pounding
They let the waters collect to secret springs
- they keep the treasures of precious stone and gold
They feed the roots of healing herbs
- so they'll grow where the poor fall ill

Once the loveliest human princess rode into his mountains realm
As he saw the beauty approaching his heart would open for a thing he'd never felt

Follow me into the shadows of my subter=
- restrian realm with its treasures all for you
Stay with me, in my magical richdom,
- all you can imagine, my beauty, you will get
Look at how the plants
- clinge their roots around the rocks
This shall be just as you and me will
- live in joy forever here!

But her plans were else than to accept his foolish deal
In this artificial world so far from the sun
May his magic come after her desires,
She won't ever love a rough, hairy, bearded dwarf!

She told him to count all his magic turnips
With toughest accuracy 'cause she needed them for their wedding
"what a simple task" he thought and straightway went for it, but he failed and failed and failed and failed and failed whenever he tried.

Hours and hours later when he thought had got it
He returned but couldnt find her anywhere
The foolish betrayal made him grow an ugly giant
That broke forth from the ground unleashing all his gruesome wrath