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Confira a Letra Disturbers Of The Order... Rebellious Crowd

X Raptor

Disturbers Of The Order... Rebellious Crowd

How many times will we suffer with this order?
Uniform-dressed men causing all disorder
These guys don't care about the crime situation
They just walk on the streets spreading all their corruption

[Chorus 1]
Can they understand?
Why we play so loud
Do you know what they say?
"I am the law!"

We'll never know about our free men's rights
'Cause the people of this country never stand up and fight
In what side do you think are the rules of our days
If just black and poor people are arrested today?

(Chorus 1)

I can't stand another genocide
Screams are still heard from
Prison slaughter
We see in the news every single day
Street kids lives are taken away
Through the nation
Wrong solution
A brand new Holocaust!!!

(Lead Fills - Garavello)

I want everything out of control
The masses becoming a rebellious crowd
Now and ever
Power of tyranny being overthrown
An anarchy state about to grow
Last forever
Us together
Now and ever
Last forevermore!

(Chorus 1)

[Chorus 2]
Can we understand
Why they're such cowards?
Do you know what we say?
Forget about the law

...Rebellious Crowd
Push your freedom
Beyond the walls
Don't believe in their lies
No more lies
(They're) heralds of the system
(They're) the arms of repression
And...what about you?
What are you?

Disturbers of the Order!