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Confira a Letra Pay The Price

X Raptor

Pay The Price

Are you prepared to rot in hell my friend?

Scum of what we call mankind
Crawl to your little dirty cave
(or I'll smash your god-damn face!)

Fear the hate you've just created
Pray to the merciless sky above
(now it's time for me to judge you!)

Fire, fire, fire now to burn
Never, never, never to escape
Terror, terror, terror in your eyes
Fear, fear, fear for your life

Slave of greed what you've become
All your money won't save you now
(false one, revenge be mine!)

Feel truth upon your face
Beg to run fast your darkest hour
(relief ain't coming' till we are done!)


Thanks for the knives in my back, old fella
And be prepared for the strike!

Pay the price
Traitor, enough lies!
Payback time
Fear my spite

(Lead - Sant`Ana)

Put one coin on your tongue
The only money you'll bring on board
Your journey will be weary and long
Take the best seat and enjoy!

(Lead - Garavello)