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Confira a Letra Monastery Bells

X Raptor

Monastery Bells

I remember I walked these hallways all alone
"As His shelter, inhospitable must be God's soul"
I could even touch the silent pregnant air
As the images of torture flashed into my head

Suffering tales in the dawning light retold
Reflected through the stained glass of old
Shadows dancing in the flickering candle light
They whispered to me, blood, death, sacrifice

(Ab) Hominibus iniquis libera me, Domine
Adoramus te, facemus in tuo nomine

In the middle of spellbinding choirs
Mesmerizing the faithfull souls
I knew that, out there, as a lightning bolt
Science flared in the cold dark world

Oh, in the darkness flood
Comes the deepest fear
(I) only see the idols' faces 'round
Feeling the smell of death
I hear the Monastery Bells...

In the dungeons, wet and cold,
Innocents injustly paid their tolls
In the pit the pendulum worked
Where an excruciating death was brought

(Chorus)...tolling the night away

(Lead - Garavello)

The nightmares I was exposed
Won't let me go
Beasts unleashed and tantalized
You'll never realize...

Those dark days are gone
Remembrances unfold
I bear this scar upon my soul
Guilty I'll stand alone

Oh Monastery...
Monastery Bells