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Confira a Letra The Prison Of Mirrors


The Prison Of Mirrors

The prison of mirrors we can't see
Yet trapped we are by its reflection
It sees all fear and watches our downfall
It will rip all lies and pride from the soul

You are all, all that you hate
Force fed memories, suffer humiliation
Victim of darkness, of the inner hidden kind
I am the eye within the gleam
Shatter before a mirror that stares into (a shallow soul)

Poison yourself, revel in waste
Poison yourself, in the name of evil, destroy yourself

I will always be the reason to hate your self
Mirrors, will oppress your mind
And follow all, all that you hide
Blind, step inside a subconscious warfare to guide the oblivious
Mirrors of torture, unforgiving expose your sins
Your suicide by the mirror's shattered blade