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Confira a Letra Salvation

Xibalba (USA)


No longer in your god's hands does your salvation lie
Never getting enough
They won't stop
Ripped limb from limb just for fun
The reaper laughs in the chambers of doom
There is no escape
No escape from you
Over and over hear the screams
In this place you call hell
Look upon the cross
See the three-headed dog
Here is your god
No horned devil here
Only an image of yourself
Play the cards that you've been dealt
There is no escape from the beast
Don't want to leave this world
Not ready to die
It wasn't your ime
Now it's too late
How will you make the journey back?
It's up to the reaper now
No longer in your god's hands does your salvation lie
He has forsaken and betrayed his own
Do what is asked of you and you'll be set free
So much hate
So much love
So much anger
So much hate for the one who left you behind
Play the cards right and you'll knock him off his throne
Knock your god off his throne