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Confira a Letra Froggy Froggy


Froggy Froggy

Froggy, froggy
Froggy, froggy

The frog went a-jumping
He jumped inside the house
He came into the kitchen
He thought he was a mouse
Poor grandma was screaming (Ah!)
She was already in bed
Then that crazy frog jumped
and fell right on her head

Frog goes a-jumping
Frog goes a-jump
He goes a-jumping, jumping
and then he jumps again
Frog goes a-jumping
All through the house he's bumping
He stops to blink his eyes
and then he starts to jump again

[Refrain 2]:
Froggy, froggy
Froggy, froggy
What a funny little frog
the way you blink your eyes
Froggy, froggy
Froggy, froggy
Your jumping's gonna make
your grandma cry

The frog goes a-jumping
He jumped on grandma's pillow
He jumped onto the table
and the chair, the window sill-o
Mama lost her cool
and ran to get daddy so big
frog laughed and laughed
and then he jumped into her wig


[Refrain 2]

Xuxa: What's going on?
Was that frog?
My dog is barking (auw, auw, auw),
but do you know what,
I like that little frog
when he blinks his eyes,
he's so cute! (Smack).

[Refrain 2].

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