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Confira a Letra Xuxa's Alphabet


Xuxa's Alphabet

A is for apples
B is for books
C is for carrots

D is for dragon
E is for the Earth
F is for friendship

G is for goldfish
H is for the heart
I is for ice cream

J is jubilation
K is kindergarden
L is for the laughter
M is for the moonlight

N is mother Nature
O is oh, ok
P is for the people

Q is the quiet time
R is for the rainbow
S is the stars

T is the telescope
U, can see the Universe
Victory for the World

X is for what? Is for Xuxa!
Y, yes
Z's for zoo zoo zoo

Let's all sing, let's all play
Let's be happy, come what may
Let's sing the alphabet
We're gonna learn today!