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Confira a Letra Midsummer



Midsummer, everybody is feeling fine a pleasant
Shallow breeze sees that i don't come into sweat
And i say to my friend what a wonderful day
He seems to be absorbed in thought
But then i catch sight of what he sees
Oh, oh, oh, oh what he sees
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah what he sees
Oh, no, no, no
Her indescibable legs reach from the pavement
To her gorgeous, well-rounded bottom
Her back seems to be made out of the finest ebony
Her long flowing hair waves in the summer wind
Just as her short black skirt
She don't walk, she stride down the street oh no, no, no
She is suspended and a bright warm shining's
Surrounding her, surrounding her
On the whole i have to say
She is a girl of one's dreams
Well she has fantastic boobs
And the remaining accesories
I'm really confused
But this is by far not enough
I have to admit she is really nice
But she ain't got these eyes
I have to admit she is really nice
But she ain't got these eyes