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Confira a Letra My Heroes Turned To Zeroes


My Heroes Turned To Zeroes

The ravages of time is gnawing on my memories
Until there's nothign left of the good times, the fast beats
The greatest words my highest flights - nothing worth anymore?
A constant dissapointment and the heroes are reborn
Even liquid promises of a better place are exposed
Taht better place for broken dreams was never what it seemed
If you're ready let me know - i'll go alone
All my heroes turned to zeroes - don't you know
The times we cherished i can't adore - anymore
'cause all ma heroes turned to zeroes - long ago
The transitoriness of time is clamping to ma memories
But it's still easy to appreciate the moments out of reach
My doubts are still trying to deceive me, to cheat me
To give me shelter from reality - but i see
I was trying hard to get the bullshit off my head
To break away from the sweet embrace of the past
And now i fetch back everything that's lost in time,
That's lost in time