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Confira a Letra Their Voice


Their Voice

Smash another brothers face
You don't have to jusify
I'm sure you knowin
What your club is raisin' for
Because that's my only right
To sentence everyone of you
For every time you swoon away
When they count on you
In your unconsciouness
You obey them blind
They intoxiate your brain
With torture thrill and pain
You degrade yourself again
But all your doubts are gone
Reason was dethroned
But the battle rages on
They raise their voice
Are standing bold against your guns
No more defense
Cause your power is our ignorance
They raise their voice
And put up against the wall
You raise your fist
But tonight you gonna fall
Wrack another mothers head
See the blood is running down
It's still easy to ignore
What she's really fighting for
Meanwhile you're addicted
To abuse your strentgh
And so you hold the crowed down
By force of arms and tanks
But the truth is strinking harder
Harder than your butt
And so you raise your fist against yourself