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Confira a Letra Haikei Akane-san (translation)

Yamadera Kouichi

Haikei Akane-san (translation)

Greetings Akane-san

Hello Akane! How are you doing?
Do you feel sympathy for me?

Traveling down the sand road with a gift, looking up at the stars
In September, I'm still northeast of Tokyo, this is what I wanted to tell you
"Ryouga, aren't you in Okinawa?"

I love you Akane!
If I feel shy, I look up at the sky and see a crow fly by
There is a duck in the pond
I love you so much... Akane

Akane, tomorrow I will visit you, no matter where you are
It is hard at the end of the day to speak to you
I have to be stronger

A giraffe looks down at me in the "forest"
Elephants, bears, camels, what strange animals
"Congratulations, you're probably in a zoo!"

I love you Akane!
There is a crow in the sky looking for her lost child
There is a cat in the town
I love you and I dream of you... Akane
...Sincerely yours

A new couple
I love you Akane
If I feel shy, I look up at the sky and see a crow fly by
In your backyard, there is a panda
I love you so much... I love you... I love you...