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Confira a Letra Letter To Valley Part. 5

YBN Nahmir

Letter To Valley Part. 5

A real thorough nigga I ain't never switched up
Couple niggas say I changed cuz them big bucks
I ain't never changed I just see you leeching on me
Got mad now my niggas started speaking on me
Aye, it's a shame how they changed nigga
Rocking [?] so I'm staying in my lane with ya
Niggas turned they back on me but you stayed with me
Only rocking with a few like my nigga glizzy
Niggas speaking on my name when I'm not around
When I'm around they thinking about how they gone knock me down

But it's cool I'm thinking about how imma get dough
By any means and that's if I got to kick doors
You depending on me well you a man too
Get off your ass and show me what that gwop do
Aye, man this shit get so crazy
I ain't even no blood but my mind going brazy
Aye, damn this shit fucked up
My own man shot at and missed
How he lucked up
That shit hurt cuz that nigga was my 10 hut
Over a bitch lil nigga why you switched up
Aye, it's so crazy how these niggas is
Like I'm 50 I be watching out for many men
It's niggas trying to kill me just cuz they done seen me up
Paying for my own city, keep that shit a buck
Say on my life imma try to put my city on
But if I don't put it on, [?] got the throne
Niggas snakes in the grass so my grass cut
And if my time come, bitch I was really up
End of the day I just do it for my nigga valley
Why the fuck they had to put my nigga in that caddie
Aye, broken hearts leave a nigga sad
When you died I wasn't sad it just made me mad
Bro we had so much shit planned out
Skipping states, we was thinking about them band routes
Niggas speaking on your name, trying to get some fame
I ain't worried about them niggas I got perfect aim
Labels steady hitting me up about some signing shit
It's ybn big brother I ain't signing shit
You always told me stay up and don't settle for less
I only listened to you cuz you taught me the best

Bro that shit so fucked up why you had to die?
I tried to lie now a nigga can't even cry
Aye, no a nigga can't even cry
I know you here but your spirit somewhere in the sky

Bro that shit so fucked up why you had to die?
I cried a lot now a nigga can't even cry
Aye, now a nigga can't even cry
I know you here but your spirit somewhere in the sky