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Confira a Letra Out the Window

Yo La Tengo

Out the Window

I'm sitting round like I got nothing to do
Got something to say, but not to you, not now
I'm just waiting for the back and forth that won't begin
Back to back, that won't seem to end
I'm here waiting for a sign
Everything goes out the window
Watching you walk out the door tonight
When my hope falls, bounces off you, hits the floor
splits into 2 or 3 pieces.
Well, I'm still waiting on it,
down and down to the empty space where it lays
Where it falls apart
I'm stuck waiting for some sign.
Everything goes out the window
Watching you walk out the door
I wrote a letter to my oldest friend,
forgot it for awhile.
Then on second thought, I read it through and threw it out,
I'm through waiting on a sign.