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Confira a Letra Avalon Or Someone Very Similar

Yo La Tengo

Avalon Or Someone Very Similar

How do these things happen?
Tell me all you know

The perfect crime
Laughed about it
Laughed the whole night through
We recall
It was all because of you
Thinking 'bout all that we once knew

The drop is falling back now
We'd be here if we could

You used to say
Water's fine
Nevermind the view
Didn't mind
As long as I have you
Thinking 'bout all that we've been through

Some days, some days
We would be happy down
We cling, we cling
To the wild, wild, wild, world

We didn't know
Things we said
What turned all them true?
Day would come
You walk with someone new
And what about me?
Times have changed for me
And times have changed for you, for you
Looking back, all that we once knew