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Confira a Letra She Said

Yoko Kanno

She Said

.:: In the morning light
She felt the new day coming in
Opened her eyes
In her quiet favorite place

There was no one there to break her heart
There was no one there to make her laugh

And she
She hid the secrets in a closet
In her room
Everytime she felt sad
Doesn't and all seems well

Sometimes laughing, crying felt the same
Lying, being honest felt the same

But then she said
Nothings getting better now
Just Said
Nothings getting better now

Tell how selfless
Its so hopeless

Someone to lose
Someone to lose

She lied
Cuz she never thought
Noone ever knew
Puzzles inside her heart
But it was always incomplete

In spite of them
Things she had let go
For the first time
She liked being herself ::.