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Confira a Letra Lullaby



Time to sleep for a little girl
Time to lie in her cold bed
And embrace only friend the fluffy warm
Teddy bear who's always there by her side
And warms her all the time

The wind has the window stroke
Cold in the room has crawled
The dark soars in the air
A fear is drawing near

A horrid dream appears
The fear is near and near
Screaming she awakes
Trembling with a fear

She's closing once again her eyes
Trying to get over her fright
And the tears on her cheeks are slowly drying
A bird outside sings a lullaby
The tender music of the night

And a new dream comes to her
But not without a fear
Again the dread is nigh
Storms the child's mind

A horrid dream appears
The fear in near and near
Screaming she awakes
Trembling with a fear