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Confira a Letra Something More Than This

Jacob Young

Something More Than This

Standing there in the ruins of the only life you've known
We'll you disappear or will you find which way you have to go?
It's just a question of faith, believe me
I'll show you there's got to be


Something more than this
A reason for you to carry on
A way to take what's wrong and make it right
To leave behind the darkness for the light


What you feel inside is an emptiness of flesh and bone
Nothing left to hide never lonely just alone
I know the answer is never easy, but you're just too close to see

Chorus repeat

I'll help you understand
A whole new way for you to see
A way to break him free
And let him know
The world you used to know it no longer exists
I'll show you something more than this

Chorus repeat

To steal the day from the endless night
The world you used to know
It no longer exists
I'll show you something more than this

I'll show you something more than this (4x)