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Confira a Letra I Ain't Drunk Yet

Young Thug

I Ain't Drunk Yet

Got for-for-for-foreign bitches, they ain’t drunk yet
They all the bom-bom-bom-bomb like Lotus
Got lipstick kisses all on my garment
And you know I want it
Thugger Thugger really want it
Got them bad bitches telling me they not drunk yet
I got them bad bitches telling me they not drunk yet
They saying they ain’t drunk yet, they ain’t saying they drunk yet
We got 1000 bitches telling me they not drunk yet

Stumbling inside the club
Leaning, only [?] cup
Leaning, only no book
Hold up, chug, pour up
[?] to this, get, get
My wrist, super gleaming
[?], Imma save you tonight

Let this wrist do the rest
Ok, you a good investment
No way, cause I fucked you on the first date
Nat nat nat, nat nat nat (natural)
I’ll kill your ass, get inside your motherfucking [?]
Imma wake up, kill you again baby, Iraq
Then make you stand at the mailbox for that fine pack

They saying they ain’t, not drunk enough to leave with me
So I told her to be with me
Patiently, don’t speed your way
Out of the way, [?]
I hope the girl get it
Cause I ain’t really with it
I ain’t buying [?] tickets
She said no won’t play no police games

I ain’t tryna be bandit
I just fuck her real good, like DMX on Belly
Ay Keisha, senorita
Let’s go to California beaches
Pay fuck food with your Visas
Then get back to [?] fuck round and round on you
I might jump out of this rubber, acting [?] on you

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