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Confira a Letra Nigeria

Young Thug


Me get you in Nigeria
Take a trip to Jamaica
Smoking weed from Nigeria
Take a look in the mirror
All I see is a millionaire
Take a trip to Siberia
Oh so cold in Siberia

You know take all the city
Like I got keys know this here
Young Thug is frigid
My flow is hot like a motherfucking skillet
When I look at myself look like a million ticket
Rich Gang baby
I drove my momma crazy

Then I went brazy
1017 try to make me
Like a motherfucking baby
Still blowing trust funds, all hundreds
On a nigga hun and a nigga son
I'm fly as a motherfucker
Put my cape on
Oh yeah

Bitch can't tell me nothing
Nigga can't tell me nothing else
Got 2 mill on me right now
You can have money and still wouldn't know how
2 punch in my back pot, bitch you hit the jackpot
Bitch get with these half gats
You fuckin with them half knots
I'm the type of nigga drop cash on em
He the type of nigga go half on it

I ain't trying to run a tab on it cause the ass so fat, gotta grab on it
Yeah Gucci man it's the boss hunned
I don't drive cars that's all sunny
Got a Charger cost more than a Maybach
So I know my homeboy Rick Ross want it
And they call me like 2 hunned
I 223 2 snow bunnies
The difference my car your car
My car cost way more money
Thank shot he got dome called
Let they call me no money
That young nigga my real dog
He'll do anything for me

Do you know what I do to you
Plet your bitch from you
Turn her shoes into Jimmy Choo
Early in the morning, sipping mud is what players do
Take her down, slass them
Let her know that my side blue
And let her shoot my busses
Baby tell em before noon
You making boss moves, damn girl
What you tryina do

Is how a boss move, the better... for you
And now the ass, that fendi dress a little nice on you
With all this cash, I never want I spend on you
Take a flight just to fuck on you
San francisco, just smoke cookies
And if I always talk, I might bust on you
And you ain't getting your money
And you might wanna watch your lady
I'm on molly tryina fuck me something
Got a whole lot of og bags in
And I ain't worried bout nothing

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