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Confira a Letra Rollin Rollin

Young Thug

Rollin Rollin

She so fine, and I like the way she's staring at me
I told that girl to come back to the cabins with me
She know tricks and I even like how she standing on me
No toes, but baby come put that camel on me

She need a grammy, how she rolling rolling
Baby girl need a grammy, how she rolling rolling
Baby girl need a grammy, how she rolling rolling
I say you deserve a grammy, how you rolling rolling
Thugger thugger

She know my
She know pass my way
Eat her little plate
Thug ain't no lil scrappy
But okkk
She mean like a [?]

And every time I spend
The night with her my old leg gon kick
That's why I strap it up
I strap it up
I drink a four or better, designer cup

My girl in love with me and I'm in love with her
And every time I give her the weed, she roll it up
And I just be like prove it baby, prove it baby
And I know you my old number, you my newest baby
Just drop me off sun trust now I'm coming out with them bands
I skate in that pussy good, got an endorsement with vans

First tip, ooh
Drop them bands right on her
She see no component
No I'm not her parents
I'm not God, but I own it
She like my tunes, I feel looney
She get me out of the feds, I feel ruined

I'm pursuing, what I'm doing
She made me [?], feel like truance
Assalakum, assalam
Pill bottle sock all red tums
I'm a stoner, I'm a geeked up child
She's a horse, young thug in the wild
I buy her mink coat, she a child
And the girl not my partner, she my [?]

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