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Confira a Letra Run It Up

Young Thug

Run It Up

Have you ever seen some vvs's
Have you ever felt like houston texas
Have you went off first impressions
Have you ever pulled up in there flexin'
Run it up nigga
If you ain't, run it up nigga
You got, run it up, nigga
You got one chance, run it up nigga
Run it up nigga

I'm gon' run it up nigga
I'm gon' stack my cash bitch
Run it up now I'm not average
I got three stripes like a fucking simmons
You know I cock it, I bust it at everyone around me
Is dogs, no husky this blood shit is real
I'm screaming free bloody, not gucci not dolph
But you know I'm muddy

I shoot at your hair now you got a mullet
No drank in the air, you niggas drink tussin
I leave out the club, I left that bitch flooded
Rain dance, rain dance, rain dance, rain dance
She want a lil' rain dance
She whispered in my ear and said 'no flex'
And I whispered in her ear and said 'yeah yeah!'
I'm a motherfucking stoner
Catch your bitch, you know young thug gon' bone her

We don't got no one but yeah they want us
Woo, woo, woo, ya bitch
I'm snoop, peewee longway off the loop
Red bone ridin' round with me, I call her soup
Gold chain on me like I cut it out a flute
I just juuged a 100 and I gave it to my homies
I can't cry, if it ain't with it, it ain't on me
60-Inch plasmas on all my home man
I'm riding on that campbell like naomi