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Confira a Letra Let Them Live


Let Them Live

Let Them Live
The innocent in cages wait for their fate.
Murdering hands reach forth in haste.
What is their crime that brings execution,
What makes you god to state this solution.

Let them live, hear their cries

Humanity lives on with blood on its hand.
Since the dawn of time there is murder in this land.
As the new age shines the fools still kill on.
Civilised death till everything is gone.

Let them live hear their cries

The innocent are lost to the righteous march.
They kill the lesser ones so there's room for more.
The life of the lamb is no less than mine.
Gandhi spoke of this many times.

The human complex grows out of control.
Lost memories and godlike dreams.
Free all the innocents, they are nature's soul.
They deserve life as much as you and I.

Let them live, hear their cries
Let them live, hear their cries
Let them live.