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Confira a Letra A Long Way Down

Zebra & Giraffe

A Long Way Down

The joker's on the left of me, the vulture's on my right
It seems to me that there's no end in sight
My quiet den is crowded with the screams of rescue me
But I am hoping no one else will see

The lion in the basement starts to sing its somber tune
Warning me that confrontation looms
Brittle bones and sticks and stones the weapons that I choose
It's a fight I can't afford to loose

'Cause it's a long way down
As I loose my grip I slowly start to drown
But you're my saving grace
Through the water I can almost see your face
And it gives me hope

And I've never felt, like this before
And my nerves are wearing thin
But I know you're here, somewhere within
I know we'll see the end