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Confira a Letra Trigger



Come now heading to the oblivion
To the darkness sink me
Future is lonely as it seems to be
And I am reaching from there

My mind is clear now
I feel like I can do anything when I want to do it, yeah
I feel I'm notorious
Do you know what you can handle?
Do you know me?

Spinning round and round going back and forth
Will be here as an angel, that's fallen deep

See, there's the dark side waiting for me
Never end forever
Out on the rim no need to breathe even I'm an angel

Going down so deep to the core
Screams never he heard any more
Seems that it never ends this corridor, without a door

Can't help this drive to be in a visionary space
Knowing I should step away
That feeling I've had something
It might be changed, they are trashy

Open my eyes wide ready to find the light
I want to tell you good-bye
It's not a big deal

Run with me now everything aside
'cause I'll leave it all behind
Flow, the flow is in the air, floating forever
I hear that someone's calling me
Can't stand this noise any more
But I know that's not true, everything's from a fake world

All I did till now I only did for me
Somewhere in my mind after all it had to be changed
I can't recognize the person in the mirror now
How can I be myself?
And start another day

Come now heading to the oblivion
To the darkness sink me
Future is lonely as it seems to be
And I will reaching from there

I'll keep on redeeming for myself
Day after day think of my sins
Forgiveness came to this fake world
Where I was dreaming

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