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Confira a Letra Live It Up

Ziggy Marley

Live It Up

If life means what it means to me
Happiness come from the way we live
Not the money we receive
'Cause even the poor man is rich
Love in our hearts
Health strength and longevity

Live it up
Live it up don't give it up

If right means what it means to me
Before words were spoken
JAH law was written within
IF right means what it means to you
What the preacher say is not what the prach do

Live it up
Live it up don't give it up

Life for me
life for you life for me
Life for you

There is no owner's manual for the life that we lead
Learn as you grow
More power to you
In life there's many stages but don't you quit
'Cause when the table turn more power to you
More powe to you
Good now
Everyone feeling
Good now

Live it up
Live it up
Don't give it up