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Confira a Letra Drakula (The Son Of The Devil)

Zion (Grécia)

Drakula (The Son Of The Devil)

Known for his inhuman cruelty,
Impalement preferred method,
Of torture and execution,
Death by Impalement
Was slow and Painful

Mutilation of Sexual Organs,
Cutting off noses and ears,
Nails in Heads - Blinding,
Cutting off limbs - Burning.

Victims sometimes endured for days,
Included women and children,
Pleasant and Great Lords,
Ambassadors and Merchants

Exposure to the Elements - scalping,
Impalement - skinning,
Boiling alive - strangulation,
Impalement - skinning

A Desire of Revenge
As well as a need - upon his country!
To solidify his power
His own moral code - upon his country!