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Confira a Letra Cum Undone

Zombie Inc.

Cum Undone

My girl got bit the other day and passed away.
She still has not returned.
I tired her up and washed her skinholes squeaky clean.
This time i won’t be spurred.

Will it feel the same when i give it to you baby?
Would it be alright if your mom could join us maybe?

I’m scared as shit of getting sick with necrodick.
Not safe to go bareback.

Will it feel the same when i make love to you honey?
Would it be ok with you if i sell your ass for money?

Does she decompose?
Will i have to hold my nose?
Can i make her cum or will she come undone?

My girl got bit the other day and passed away.
She’s perfect to a t.
And watch she will be bed with me eventually i’m happy as can be.

Will it feel the same when i stick it to you muffin?
Is it fine with you that i spare you from the coffin?