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Confira a Letra Nervous Excited Delighted


Nervous Excited Delighted

Just in short while until it's here
Rush Jack hammering strenght
Melodramatic guts sapping energy
Leading up to the scary center stage

My nerves be shaking
I'm barely maintaining
I'm trying to keep my will from breaking
And the pressure is hitting me from every direction
Not to mention I got tension
From the fear I am wrestling
What? We can't fail
It's time to go on
It's time to rock this beat
And get the show on
We're rocking we're grooving
We're get you people moving
We're doing it dangerously
That's how we do it

La, la, la, la limelight
What a bright
Something dangerous
Nervous excited delighted
Something dangerous

Silence before the explosion
Faces in slow motion
Strike up a chord
We are ready to roll

Now it's time to get with us
And get this place ridiculous
So wave your hands and shake your butts
It's time that we get dangerous

Spotlight full of freeshadows
Something dangerous
Nervous excited delighted
Something dangerous

Dangeroulsy close to overload
This must be angsty rock n' roll
Freaked lated terrified
A life highlight kind of night

Nervous excited delighted
Something dangerous (Repeat x4)

Do you want this?
Do you need this? (Repeat x8)

We want this
We need this (Repeat x8)