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Confira a Letra Every Night I Die


Every Night I Die

Imprisoned maggots crawling inside
My brain - feeding again...
So helpless in sorrow, longing for
Reprisal - slipping away...

From reality. Shadowing past
And life itself, I hate...
My infirmity hiding beneath
The dreams - put in the grave.

Never estranged and never derenged
But torn apart, I lie
Obsessed with torment, immoral bend
Yeah! Every night I die.

Insanity - release me from my pain,
I drowse awakened, like a fucking slave!
Cleanse my body, from the suicide stain.
Just close your eyes - and let me go away...

Hatred for man, forever I am
Tormented by your sins.
Cold inside, striving to cry again
Needles under my skin.

Every fucking breath feels like a knife
Cutting me deep inside.
Scourge the eyes, mortify soul so fine
But end my life tonight.

Darkness - embrace me in thy wretched womb...
Darkness - bury me in thy filthy tomb...

I submit my soul, so down below
Accept my offering!
Quickly release me from this world, and
Receive truth sickening!

And the abyss unfolds, lifeless, slow
Devouring my life.
Awakening has destroyed it all
I will not die tonight!