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Confira a Letra Spilled Milk


Spilled Milk

Come on kid, can't you see
Where i go is never free of charge
Reckless honey on my paw
The kids are close to coming in the jars
Come on in the water's warm
Sink to the bottom and watch the coming storm

Now we jack off
Now you suck in
Now you watch me
And everyone wins

Reckless darling don't you know
That what i want is to spill my milk wherever i go
I'm not bad, i'm so good
I'll fuck you raw, just like a good choirboy should
I'm not kidding, watch and see
I'll sink to the bottom and let you pee on me

Now we fuck off
As we jack in
And what's the cost
Here's a million bucks

Million dollar baby
Selfishness in mind
Don't you know there's one thing
To save me from your lust
I'm watching out the backdoor
I'm creeping thru your skull
Million dollar baby
It's everywhere you go

There's a saying, [?]
There's a saying, [?] rocks to throw
There's a saying, [?]
There's a saying, everywhere you go
The leaves are turning brown
From all the shit that you turn down

Ride down the gates of hell
Open now
Wait to sell the bombs

There's a saying, [?]
[?] and don't you know
How the pretty one slipped
Everyone died

Wiping out the sun to block
The crimes of light against their nights
Wiping out the sun forsaken
Crimes of light against their nights
Wiping out the sun to walk
The crimes of light against their nights