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  1. Canções Escoteiras
  2. Hinos de Cidades
  3. LetoDie
  4. Católicas
  5. Racionais MC's
  6. BK'
  7. Anitta
  8. Gusttavo Lima
  9. Gaab
  10. Samuel Mariano
  11. Biollo
  12. Alisson e Neide
  13. Melim

top 13 musicas

  1. Gritos da Torcida
  2. Jesus Chorou
  3. Da Ponte Pra Cá
  4. Respira
  5. Péssimo Negócio
  6. Sou Eu
  7. Cobaia (part. Maiara e Maraísa)
  8. Clareia Com Teu Olhar
  9. Minha Linda Bela
  10. Deixa (part. Lagum)
  11. Antes Dos Gigantes Chegarem
  12. Oh, Quão Lindo Esse Nome É
  13. Ouvi Dizer


Abbreviated. Life. Expectancy.

Abbreviated. Life. Expectancy.

Letras de Abbreviated. Life. Expectancy.

  1. A Hop, Skip, And A Jump Away
  2. A Tribute To Wood
  3. Bagpipes
  4. Bird Is The Word
  5. Bismosquizimanitch Is My Name
  6. Break Into Your House With A Kinko's Copy Card
  7. Center Ex Home/office Surge Supressor
  8. Chile Con Carne
  9. Choke On It, Hippie
  10. Churnin' Butter
  11. Coke Is It!
  12. Crazy Tequilla
  13. Dance, Dance, Like You've Never Danced Before
  14. Don't Speak Spanish Very Well
  15. Everybody Wang Chung Tonight?
  16. Exhausted Talent
  17. Fast Forward Through This Song
  18. Food Is Tasty
  19. For The Trees
  20. Get Out Of My Car, And Stay Out!
  21. Get Up, Get Down, Get Crazy
  22. Hardcore Boy
  23. Head, Shoulders, Knees, And Toes.
  24. Hey Snoopy
  25. How Do You Spell "maricones"?
  26. I Am What I Am
  27. I Can't Believe You Made It This Far
  28. I Don't Care What Anyone Says, They Stole That Idea From Us!
  29. I Love Living In The Suburbs
  30. I Only Drink Water, Leave Me Alone, You Drunkard
  31. I Only Want To Be With You
  32. I Sold My Soul For A Cigarrette
  33. I Stopped Smoking, Now Give Me Back My Soul
  34. I'll Kill You
  35. Ida
  36. Into The Sunset
  37. Itsy Bitsy Spider
  38. Kentucky Jones (part 2)
  39. Kentucky Jones (part 3)
  40. Kentucky Jones (part 4)
  41. Kentucky Jones In, "raiders Of The Lost Bark" (part 1)
  42. Kill Andrew With The Keyboard To My Computer
  43. Knight Rider
  44. Like To Play The Guitar
  45. Midnight Madness
  46. My Life, For But A Glass Of Water
  47. My Love, For But A Dollar
  48. My Mother, For But A Glass Of Crazy Tequilla
  49. My Name Is Mud
  50. Nectar Of The Gods
  51. Ode To Hootie
  52. Penchant For Penelope
  53. Pepe's Not Happy
  54. Petals Of Rose
  55. Pizza: It's Good
  56. Refridgerators
  57. Ride Like The Wind?
  58. Sandpaper Man, Part 1
  59. Sandpaper Man, Part 2
  60. Sandpaper Man, Part 3
  61. Son Of A Biscuit
  62. Son Of A Motherless Goat
  63. Sounds Good To Me
  64. Sounds Like A Bad Idea To Me
  65. Sounds Like A Load Of Dung To Me
  66. Spadowski And His Mop
  67. Spumous Erubescent Death
  68. Stop
  69. Stupid Is As Stupid Does
  70. That's It, We Quit
  71. That's My Name, Please Refrain From Wearing It Out
  72. The Balad Of A Lonely Man, With A Chia Pet
  73. The Call Of The Wind
  74. The Night
  75. The Pope Is Pissed
  76. The Seventh Son's Seventh Son
  77. The Tragedy Of The Carpet
  78. The Truth About Jimmy Hoffa
  79. There's Nothing Quite Like Jell-o
  80. There's Nothing You Can Do To Stop Me From Eating Dirt
  81. They Call Me Bisquatch
  82. They Never Gave Boo-berry A Chance
  83. Tierra Del Mundo
  84. Trumpet Troubles
  85. Trumpet Troubles, Continued...
  86. Utopia
  87. We Hate Hippies And Drugs
  88. We'll Be Back, Chumps...
  89. We're Gonna Be Rich
  90. What Happened To Mr. T?
  91. What, You're Still Listening? Turn Off The Turntable
  92. When The Clock Sounds
  93. Why, Yes, I Would Like Another!
  94. Yeah, I Shot The Sheriff. What Are You Gonna Do About It, Tough Guy?
  95. Yo! A.l.e. Raps
  96. Your Mother!
  97. ¿te Gustan Las Calamares?
  98. ¿that Pretty Piñata?