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Confira a Letra Where No Light Can Reach

Alastor Sanguinary Embryo

Where No Light Can Reach

Fascinated by a place with no name
where no life emerges from It's scorched ground
where no wind whispers by
and no light uncovers the unique forms
forms from deep lands of perdition
rivers of red cross as silent as nothingness
it's like they were made of blood of a million deaths
the ghouls pass only to rest forever

There the torment might be infinite
but the will to reach there is impossible
there's no way to evade the creatures made
by the so dense and black day that prevails
everything reached by this force is swallowed
nothing can stop the morbidity of it's wings
something evil and powerful lives there
where the light stops at density

Take me from light, take me beyond
force of darkness and cold
winter of north, winter of south
moon of the black circle
Curse of the souls, evoking the night
unholy spirit of light
bringer of wisdom and pleasures of times
I ask you all your might

The only land, the only path
to discover life
Ritual under a cover of black
to get where no light can reach