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  1. Flamengo
  2. Alisson e Neide
  3. Tribo da Periferia
  4. Racionais Mc's
  5. Católicas
  6. Costa Gold
  7. Haikaiss
  8. Luiz Gonzaga
  9. Robson Biollo
  10. Lilo And Stitch
  11. Padre Zezinho
  12. Roberto Carlos
  13. Xuxa

top 13 musicas

  1. Sinceridade
  2. Gritos da Torcida
  3. Jesus Chorou
  4. Aloha, e Komo Mai
  5. Efeitos do Longe
  6. A Praga
  7. Dependente
  8. Paulo e Silas
  9. Da Ponte Pra Cá
  10. A Onde Estiver
  11. Marcha Exército (part. Vanilda Bordieri)
  12. Duas Doses de Saudade
  13. Sossega


Aspen It Is

Aspen It Is

Letras de Aspen It Is

  1. A Journey To The Home Of The Blue Hens
  2. Absolute Zero Is Silence
  3. And In The End There Was Hope
  4. Back To The Future Part IV
  5. C0n4inuetoki11whatdiedlongag0.m3.
  6. Diary Entry For Family & Friends [die- A Reentry For Family And Friends]
  7. Every Magician Knows Where The Trap Door Lies
  8. Everybody Down! Someone Has An AK
  9. If I Wrote A Sad Song. Would You Cry? Or Even Try?
  10. In The Beginning There Were Explosions
  11. Our Weekend In Florida
  12. Pipe Dreams
  13. Select A Pipe
  14. She's Dead. We Are All Dead
  15. Slow Down! Cowboy (round Up)
  16. The Blue Arm Of The Black Tuxedo
  17. The Great Floods Of A Distant World
  18. The Missing Will Be Found Alive. I Swear It
  19. Twelve:46am
  20. Welcome To Warp Zone